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Dear 2015

Guess what! You are my new best friend!

I Know. Can you believe it? Lucky you! It’s our year to shine. Great things are ahead if you can just be a good listener.

There are just a few guidelines that will make it mutually beneficial for us both.

Number 1 rule: Friendship is a two-way street.

Unfortunately for you, there is a traffic jam on your side of the road so lets talk a little bit more about me.

It would be great as my friend, if you could keep the good times flowing in my direction. Some fulfilling and peaceful social traffic would be great.

Number 2 rule of friendship: A good friend should always provide a shoulder to cry on in bad times.

A little disappointing from my perspective as you don’t have shoulders. Best option for you – keep me happy at ALL times.

Number 3 rule of friendship: A good friend helps you achieve your goals.

I think your goal should be to get out of the traffic jam on your side of the street before creating any other lofty ideals so if we focus on me,

Not a biggy, but if you could create some career potential, a loving new mate and some financial security that would be an impressive start.

Number 4 rule: Friends should always help each other out of a jam.

And there it is.

After my great advice you have begun moving on your side of the street. Well done to me!

Sad thing for us 2015, is that whilst you’ve been sitting idly, my side of the street has suddenly become a freeway.

I’m so grateful for your support and glad that we can be so productive as friends. I look forward to the fruits of our union as the year progresses.

If you can catch me up on the freeway to happiness I’d be honoured to return the favour.

But unfortunately for you at this juncture,

Number 5 rule of friendship: A good friend doesn’t hold another back.