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Health and wellness. That old saying tells us that if you have your health, you have everything. However, health can mean much more than physical wellness. This week, we want to know what it means to you.

There is a school of thought that says, what you believe about life will be mirrored back at you.

Negative ideas about the world (that we learn as children from misguided teachers),will attract to you, circumstances that make them true.

That being accurate, it would seem that my mirror was broken in childhood and I have unknowingly toted it around for all my 40 years.

Two relationships and three children later I am a single mother, trying to struggle out from under the resulting chaos, to see the world through a new looking-glass.

To my credit, I have resilience, resourcefulness and awareness on my side.

This doesn’t reduce the pressures of child-rearing, money-earning, the weight of responsibility or the immense energy that change requires. However, it does open the door to hope.

Recently, life looked me squarely in the face and declared it was never going to be fair. Bad people would often ‘win’ and in too many situations, integrity wouldn’t account for much. Most importantly, being overly self-sacrificing would never be rewarded.

Over the years I have given my power away to ideals and assumptions that have only seen my counterparts skip off into a new life, leaving a trail of self-denial and blame behind them.

I have allowed my soul to be dented and my true self undermined.Those strengths that I managed to squirrel away from damage, are now my saviours.

It is with resilience, resourcefulness and awareness that I can now try to be for my children, what they deserve – a mirror that is not broken and a teacher who will keep their mirrors intact.

I struggle every day to fulfil my duties to my children and myself. The struggle sometimes seems insurmountable,

But I have only two choices.

Lie down and never get up, or problem solve.

There is no quick fix. I am like a ball of string that needs to be unwound and rewound from the inside out.

And so my holy trinity of health has begun.

The plan: to strengthen mind, body and spirit every day – one day at a time – In an effort to stop looking back. Resist wallowing it what ‘wasn’t’ and create what ‘is’ (still a work in progress).

Now,every day I walk. Every day I take photos on my iphone and publish them on this blog.

I exercise my body, I exercise my passions and I exercise a new way of thinking.

Slowly, a lighter me is emerging. Energised by creativity and the pleasure it has bought me. Buoyed by a surprising appreciation for my own work – regardless of anyone else’s opinion. I am calmed by the routine and distracted by the craft.

I feel unbalanced when I don’t do it. Like I have let myself down.

I can only hope that this awakening will be the backbone of my future self fulfilment.

To me, this holy trinity of health is an investment. For my children and the best ‘me’ I can be.