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Mosman Bay

As part of my new holistic mind, body and spirit journey, I have taken to walking. (At speed of course because we all know sweat is fat crying). Importantly, in an effort to keep up momentum , which seems quickly lost if you miss a day or two, I must pound the pavement  rain, hail or shine. It was rain that joined me on this day and although my iphone apps kept crashing (perhaps due to becoming soggy in my new Vinnies-bought rain jacket or because my thumping music was causing system overload) I managed to capture this shot. Not a shot that would normally warrant sharing except that I am fascinated by the pinhole created at the bridge end. The more I look at it, I want to shove a straw into it, squeeze toothpaste down it or simply wriggle my finger into it and see what’s on the other side. What do you think?