I have multiple personalities. So myself tells me.One of them would be responsible for my lax blogging but I couldn’t tell you which one.

Perhaps Uninspired Me. The one that awakes to the feeling of de’ja vu most mornings?

Out of necessity, Uninspired Me is usually swiftly beaten into submission by one of my most prominent personas – Child Rearing Me. Or CRM as I will call her. CRM is a fascinating being. Nurturing and neurotic. She dominates the day, scurrying around cleaning and tidying, organising and scheduling the household. She carries this weight, at times, ungraciously. Petulantly stamping her foot at the lack of freedom and the suffocating responsibility that means she can’t hear herself think. CRM has to reign in her controlling impulses and remind herself everyday to only guide the older child, mould the middle one and nurture the youngest one. In no other order and with no more force. She is often unsuccessful.

CRM is occasionally pushed aside when Glamorous me has been requested.

G ME is a long-standing but surely fading entity that grew out of my lucky success as a model. She sometimes drags out the old pout to bring in some money. The ugg boots come off and are replaced by high heels which counteract the widening hips and un-botoxed wrinkles. The smile is plastered on and she waves goodbye to CRM- off to live out the lie for just a moment. Truth be told, G ME has been known to scribble on the bathroom window with lipstick just to annoy CRM with extra cleaning. There is a certain joy derived from the hope that even for a day, G ME might leave CRM behind.

White Space Me is a great friend of CRM’s. If you weren’t aware, white space is what’s left blank- where there is room for something or there is nothing in between. WSMe fills gaps when there is time between CRM and G ME’s work. She is inspired and creative. Full of hope and plans for later. She is the ideas man and loves to find ways to make a penny. Like flogging her life on EBay or writing. WSMe is studying from home so is sometimes challenged by CRM and her unrelenting demands. She is quickly annoyed by children’s whining as this brings her back to reality. Gap closed. No more time for WSMe independence.

Partner Me is a combination of all these personalities hurriedly shoved together. Often PM has little energy to be the friend, the listener and the supporter. Luckily, if she sports Glamorous Me’s high heels, White Space Me’s study specs and Child Rearing Me’s good cotton briefs, PM fills the role to great satisfaction thank you very much. (So he tells me)

There are many more less significant ME’s floating around such as Friend Me, PMT Me, Bored Me and the list goes on…….however these core few make me – ME. Glamorously neurotic and surprisingly complex.

My children wouldn’t identify with any of these, but that’s because I have neglected to mention crazed, routine making, door slamming, mouth frothing Mummy ME.

For a reason.