Just a bee’s dick longer than six years ago, I couldn’t even turn a computer on.
Single and with child, like our blessed Mary, mother of Jesus…no wait…she had Joseph…anyway, I digress… Single, with child and no career to support myself convincingly, I had to learn.
One divorce and two torturous birthing experiences later, here I am, mother of three, still no career to speak of, tackling the minefield that is social networking. Creating my own blurg. Of course I’ve learnt that this will need to link to a twatter page where I can twat about my blurg posts. I’m well on top of the facial book too. Who woulda thunk it?
Computer skills aside, I have more to offer than that Mary for sure. Fancy pretending you were a virgin as you gave birth, and still dragging that Joseph around from pillar to post! To top it all off, God takes the credit as Father and Joseph is left standing by the empty manger…
Perhaps I am not as Holy, but I take pride in my role as a mother. Three children later, I may declare myself a born-again-virgin just to ensure there are no more offspring but then, let’s face it, I’d be back to square one at divorce.
It’s certainly no picnic being a wife, mother, partner or born-again-virgin (I’m sure) but life is certainly full of delights and disasters, highlights and showdowns. Each Peach Pear Plum contains my observations about operating a family without qualifications or the instruction manual.

You’d think Mary could have left her copy at the inn for the rest of us…